Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hunter is getting so big! I can't believe that he will be 4 years old in a few weeks. He is such a special boy and we love him so much.


Today I took Caitlin to the pool for the first time. As you can see she loved it! She liked being in her ladybug floaty more than me just holding her. It was fun to get out and get some sun.

Friday, June 26, 2009


So I can't believe how big Caitlin is getting. I can't believe that she is already 18 months old. You can see how demanding she is in these pictures. I put a before and after. She wasn't very happy until I gave her what she wanted-lol

Hunter's Couch

This is Hunter on his new couch that Grandma Butcher got for him. He loves it!!

Random Pictures

Here are just some random pictures of the kids. The first one is Caitlin with Grandma wearing her sunglasses. Hunter is giving me one of his funny faces. And the last two are of Caitlin falling asleep watching T.V. I was in getting ready and when I came out to get her hair done this is how I found her. She is so cute!!

Caitlin and her babies

Caitlin has just started to really like her dolls. I thought this picture was cute of her sitting on her couch holding her baby all wrapped up in it's blanket.

Taking a nap

I thought this picture was precious. Notice that Caitlin is holding her daddy's hand as she sleeps. Too Cute!!

Trip to Montana

So a few weeks ago we took a trip up to Helena, Montana. We went to see a guy named Dan Nelson. He is a physicist that does energy work. One of my old roommates recommended I go and see him for my lyme disease. I really didn't have anything to lose by doing this so we decided to go. It was a 7 hour drive up and it rained almost the whole way. We initially had planned on taking the whole week and spending up there, but when we got there and saw how small of a town it was, we decided to see Dan the next day and then leave. It was definitely a different experience. Dan is a very smart guy and had a real conviction for what he does. He ended up working on all of us except Caitlin (he said she was fine). The interesting thing was that when it was Hunter's turn, he said that all that was wrong with him was that all his energy was flowing backwards. After seeing Dan, Dwayne laughed so hard I thought we were going to have to pull over to the side of the road. But in all seriousness about the situation, we think Dan did help us. So far I still have my symptoms, and I am hoping that with some time they will start to go away. The amazing thing about it all is that we think it really helped Hunter. After 4 days of seeing him, Hunter started getting himself into sitting. We could not believe it, and there is just too much coincidence with it all. We will monitor is progress and keep everyone updated. The pictures above are of the trip home. I thought it was so funny that Hunter fell asleep with his foot in his hand. Just shows how flexible he really is.

New Phase!

So this is the one of the latest things that Caitlin is doing. I am not ready for her to start undressing herself. Good thing that she only does this in the morning with her pajamas.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hunter's Huge Progress

So the past week has been a great week for Hunter. He has been doing so well and hasn't had any episodes. He seems to be getting stronger and has been getting up on his knees a lot. Grandma Butcher came down to spend some time with the kids so that Dwayne and I could go out on a few dates (long time coming). Tonight while we were eating dinner, Hunter was in the living room watching television. Grandma got up to check on him and when she looked in she couldn't believe what she saw. She called for me to come and see what my son had done. I got up really fast thinking there was something wrong. To my huge surprise I saw Hunter sitting there all by himself in the middle of the room. This is the first time Hunter has ever got into sitting all by himself. This is HUGE progress for him. We were soooo excited!!! Hopefully this is just the beginning of what is to come for him.