Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More kneeling

Here are a few more pictures of Hunter kneeling to his toy. He is doing incredible lately. He has also started to want to push to standing. Stay tuned to see more progress in the near future!!

Playing with Daddy

Today was such a nice day that Dwayne took Caitlin outside to play with some sidewalk chalk. I thought they looked so cute together out there playing. Caitlin LOVED it! She looks so grown up with her hair pulled back on the sides. She is our beautiful little girl!

Hunter's sippy cup

We have been working with Hunter to try and get him to at least drink through a sippy cup once in awhile. He doesn't do it all the time, but we have on occasion gotten him to suck water or juice from it. He is soley fed through his tube but we hope eventually he will start to take something orally again. But we are happy with any progress we can make with him.

Another New Hairdo

Caitlin got another haircut today and this is the hairdo the stylist gave her. I thought it was so cute, I had to take a picture of it.

More Sitting

Another Milestone!

As I said Hunter is doing so good. Along with sitting, he has started to pull up into kneeling also. This is what I walked in and saw him doing. Since then he is doing it all the time and can now reach things that he couldn't before. I now have to start baby proofing the house once again!!


So Hunter has been making HUGE progress lately. He is sitting so well now. I think that he is a lot happier now that he can sit up and play. He is starting to get into everything! We are hoping that he will be crawling soon. He is so active and is also having less episodes as well. He is such a happy kid most of the time and we just love him sooo much!!

My little poser

Here are just a few cute pictures I took of Caitlin in her pj's. She just loves to have her picture taken!

Funny Girl!

I don't know why Caitlin puts this doll blanket on her head. I thought it was so funny that she just kept playing and it didn't phase her that it was on her head. She is sure a funny girl!