Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caitlin's 2 Year Old Pictures

Well it was that time again to get new pictures of Caitlin. She did so good!! The photographer said that she was the best 2 year old she has ever worked with. Caitlin smiled great and stayed posed for all the pictures. They also said that because she took such beautiful pictures, they would probably put her pictures up in the studio next Christmas. What a beautiful little girl we have!

Caitlin's 2nd Birthday

Today was Caitlin's 2nd birthday. It was fun to see her be able to blow the candles out on her cake. She didn't get very messy with her cake only because we did it kind of late and I think she wasn't that interested and tired. She did have fun opening her cute presents and Hunter got in on the action as well. When you ask Caitlin how old she is, she replies with "two" as she tries to hold her fingers to show you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITLIN!!!

What a position!

So I thought this was so funny. Hunter fell asleep in his wheelchair in the funniest position. It doesn't even look very comfortable, but he stayed that way for a few minutes. I love sleeping pictures and think they are so precious.

Santa Clause

This year we missed out on seeing Santa at Costco. They have the best set up and it works better for Hunter. So our only other option was to go to our neighborhood party. I arranged for us to be able to be there early with Santa before everyone else showed up. Needless to to say Santa was late and another family showed up while we were there. Hunter didn't do well. That is why there is one picture with all of us in it. It was the only way to get a picture of Hunter at least by Santa. Caitlin was very hestitant to sit on Santa's lap but we finally got her to do it and she didn't even cry. What a big girl!

Santa's Reindeer

I took Caitlin to see the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point. She thought it was pretty neat! It was fun to see her reaction to them. What a fun experience to share with her :)