Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring/Summer Fun

We bought Caitlin a sand/water table so that she would have something to play with on the back patio. She was so excited to get it all put together. I think it will be something to keep her busy quite a bit this summer.

Hogle Zoo

We are associated with a non-profit organization called Angel's Hands Foundation. They helped us get Hunter's special needs stroller. Well, they have lots of activities throughout the year and the zoo was the most recent activity. I thought it would be fun to go while the weather was warm. Hunter did great and Caitlin loved all the animals. Thanks to Angel's Hands for buying us a year pass to the zoo!

Hunter is sitting in Caitlin's rocking chair. I love the second picture of him. His smile is so contagious. He is getting so big and strong.

Easter 2010

We spent Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Butcher's this year. I forgot my camara so I didn't get pictures of Caitlin dying the eggs. I took all these when we got back. It was fun watching Caitlin find all the hidden eggs on Easter morning. Both kids loved their Easter baskets. Caitlin got a Minnie Mouse doll from grandma and grandpa and wouldn't put it down. She also got to have a chocolate bunny for the first time. The smile on her face shows how much she enjoyed it!

Ring Pop-YUM

I bought Caitlin some ring pops for a treat. As you can see, she really enjoyed it. Her lips, teeth and tongue were turned blue from it. She doesn't get sugar like this very often so she was thrilled when I gave it to her.

Reading Wednesday

So I think that I posted on this before, but I wanted to share some more pictures. The achievement day girls come every Wednesday to read to Hunter. It has been a really good thing. I know that Hunter loves it, and the girls are enjoying it also. It is fun to watch the girls grow and become comfortable with Hunter.

Thumb Sucking

So lately Hunter has started on occasion sucking/chewing on his thumb. I love sleeping pictures, and thought that this was so cute. Notice also that he is sitting Indian style in his wheelchair. :)
Such a cute SMILE!!!!


So we have taken a big step with Hunter the past month. Hunter has finally started tolerating his baths without us sitting in the tub with him. I got some good pictures of him sitting all by himself and thought I would include a few of Caitlin as well.