Saturday, January 9, 2010


I can't believe my eyes-Hunter is finally starting to reach another milestone. He has been trying a lot lately to pull himself up into standing. I came into the living room to find him standing up to the entertainment center today. This time I was able to get my camera and get a good picture to show everyone. I am so proud of his progress and look forward to seeing what is in his future. WAY TO GO HUNTER!!

My little helper

Cailtin got a little vacuum for her birthday this year. Everytime I go to vacuum the house, she runs and gets hers and starts helping me. It is the cutest thing, but I think I am creating a monster-LOL


Cailtin is such a girly girl! She loves all her dress up stuff. I couldn't resist getting some pictures of her when she just had to have everything on all at once. And for some reason she thinks that Hunter's chew toy is a crown-lol

I looked out the window.....

Hunter is making a lot of progress in regards to his motor skills. He is a very active boy now and into everything. I found him kneeling at the window happy as could be looking out. Caitlin decided to join him and I thought it was so cute. They are best buddies and the last two pictures of them looking out the window together and looking at each other were so precious. I sure love these two kiddos!!

Sleeping with Grandma

This is such a sweet picture. He doesn't fall asleep with just anybody. I think it made Charlotte's day that he was comfortable enough with her.

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year. We flew Charlotte (Dwayne's mom) here to spend it with us. We had a fun time and really good visit with her. It was nice for the kids to spend some time with her and for her to get to know them. The kids were spoiled once again this year. They got a lot of toys that they absolutely love. It was fun to see them open presents this year because they were both way more into it. It was nice to be with family and remember the true spirit of Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS 2009!!!

Christmas Eve 2009

So this year for Christmas Eve, we decided to get dressed up and go out for dinner. I put the kids in their Christmas outfits and thought they looked so cute. We had a really nice dinner and a good time. Later on that night the kids got to open their Christmas Eve present (it is always new Christmas pajamas, of course). It is always fun to see the excitement of the kids. They enjoyed opening the present and we knew that they were going to have a really fun time Christmas day.