Friday, April 24, 2009

Hunter's G-Tube Surgery

Getting ready for surgery!

Giving daddy a big hug:)

Dwayne thought it would be funny to show Hunter's g-tube (notice what he is holding on to)-what a jokester!! And no it isn't what you think it is-lol
The nice balloons and stuffed animals from Aunt Cynthia and family, and Grandma Wagner.
Hunter did so good through the surgery. I think I was the one that needed the drugs today! Hunter hasn't seemed to be affected much by it. He never seemed in that much pain and what pain he had was managed with Motrin and Tylenol. He was a happy boy for the whole stay in the hospital. The nurses commented on how good he was. We love him sooo much and are glad that he is doing so well with it all. We look forward to seeing how he does in the future now that we can keep him fed on a regular basis. Thanks to all that kept him in your prayers. Below are some pictures of his g-tube button.

Easter 2009

So the Easter Bunny was good to the kids this year. The kids enjoyed their baskets. I thought Caitlin looked adorable in her Easter dresses. I couldn't pick between the two I had so I put her in both. I ended up liking the pink one better. Hunter looked very cute in his Easter outfit also. I tried to get some good pictures of the kids together, but it is hard when Hunter can't sit by himself very well. I thought they turned out ok considering. Happy Easter!!

Phone Girl

Caitlin loves the phone. I think she has seen me on it too much. Anytime I am on the phone she goes and gets hers. She walks around with it and does put it to her ear and starts jabbering. It is way cute!


We had a nice visit with Dwayne's brother Dwight and his family. It was fun for the kids to play with each other. Annabelle was so cute with Caitlin. Caitlin followed her everywhere. They are moving here soon and we are so excited to have cousins to play with.


So I thought I would try putting pigtails in Caitlin's hair today. Her hair is long enough on top but still not in the back. I didn't really like it so we went back to one ponytail on top. Hopefully her hair will be long enough soon to do more fun stuff with it.

Caitlin is Walking!!

So Caitlin is finally walking! We are so happy that she has reached this milestone. The only thing now is she is into EVERYTHING!!

Caitlin's Horse

Caitlin just started walking and is finally able to ride her horse by herself. She loves it. It definitely was a good birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Butcher.

Cool Sunglasses!

Caitlin is wearing daddy's sunglasses. She thought it was pretty neat:)