Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Caitlin's New Haircut

I decided to have Caitlin's hair cut shorter until it grows in thicker. It was getting pretty long and stringy. I had it cut into an A-Line. It turned out so cute!! It is a lot easier to do and much cooler for summer.

Memorial Day

We went to Wyoming for Memorial Weekend. We hadn't been all together in quite a few months. I didn't realize how hard it still is for me with my grandma gone. This was the first time I had been up to the grave since she died. But we know that she was there with us in spirit and even gave us a sign with the rainbow. We looked up and noticed there was a rainbow all the way around the sun. VERY COOL!!!

New Skills!!

Hunter is such a busy boy these days. He is very active and is learning to do a whole lot of new things. He has started pulling up to everything. These pictures show that he is able to pull to things that don't give him much support. This is the first time that I caught him standing to the door. He was very proud of himself. GREAT JOB HUNTER!!!!

New Treatment

This is my new regimen these days. Amidst all the cases of lyme disease here in Lehi, I was able to find the Utah Lyme Disease Support Group. They meet once a month and it is great to be able to get information from others going through the same things. I went to my first meeting in April. After listening to everyone else talk about their treatments, I decided that I needed to find a new doctor. I talked with one of the girls at the meeting and decided to try her doctor. Since changing doctors I have made huge improvement. I am on alot of stuff right now, but she is treating everything that is wrong and not just the lyme disease. My body is responding and I am hoping that within a few more months that I will be able to come off of the antibiotics. I will update soon on how the treatment is going.

Hunter's New Bed

So we had to get Hunter a new bed because of safety reasons. He has started pulling to standing on everything and I went in one morning to find him standing in his bed. Luckily it was at the end and not on the side rail. At that point I knew that we had to get something that was lower to the ground that he could get in and out of. We found this bed at IKEA and it is perfect. We also got it in a full size to give him more room. He has done great with this new bed. I also had to get him new bedding and I think his room turned out pretty cute.

Mother's Day

So I am a little late on posting Mother's Day pictures but here they are. Dwayne and the kids got me some shape-up shoes. I guess they thought that I could use some help losing weight-lol