Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hunter's new onsies

So I think most of you know all about Hunter by now. He has grown so much and it was time to figure out what we were going to do about onsies. The 24 month ones were getting too small for him. I also wanted something that was adapted for his g-tube. It was such a pain to have to undress him everytime we fed him. A friend of mine talked to someone she knew about making some onsies for me. She agreed to give it a shot. I was so impressed with her work. She came and measured Hunter and got to work. This is the finished product. It is so nice to have the easy access opening to his g-tube. Now all I have to do is lift his shirt and open the flap. IT IS WONDERFUL!! I think so many others could benefit from this idea. I am still working on a way to market this, but for now I am just glad that I found someone to help me. I had her make me 10 of them. They should last us quite awhile.

Say Cheese!

Everytime you take Caitlin's picture she says "cheese". I thought this was a really cute picture.


Caitlin had her first real injury. She went to grab the curling iron and thankfully I caught her and she barely burned one finger. She cried pretty hard, poor thing. But we put a bandage on it and she thought that was pretty cool. It healed fast and she is all better now.

Thanksgiving Point Pumpkin Fest

So this post is out of order, but I didn't have the pictures to put on here when I was posting Halloween pictures. We took the kids to Pumpkin Fest at Thanksgiving Point. The Angels Hands Foundation was having an activity and so we took advantage of getting in free! There were a lot of activities to do. Caitlin loved the slides and her balloon crown (which I didn't get a picture of). The weather was getting cold and it was about to rain so we hurried through everything. As you can see, I forgot my camera and so we had to buy a disposable one there. I don't think Dwayne knew that he bought a Halloween camera. So needless to say I am stuck with all of the sayings at the bottom of each picture.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Perfect Song!

Click on the link below to listen and watch the video She's With Me, by Collin Raye. Make sure to watch the second link first. I can really relate to this song. He has taken the experience of having a special needs child and put it into the perfect words. I cry everytime I listen to it. Collin Raye has a granddaughter that has a brain disorder that they have been unable to diagnose. His experience is what inspired the song. Dwayne and I always talk about Hunter being our ticket into Heaven and Collin Raye touches on that very point. Hope you love it as much as I do!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Pajama's

I just bought Caitlin some new pajamas that I thought were so cute. They came with a tutu and everything. She absolutely loves these pj's. She has been wearing the tutu with everything since. She is just so cute!!

More Random Pictures

I love sleeping pictures of my kids. The other day I came out from getting ready for the day and found Caitlin sound asleep on the couch with her dolls. It was so precious. She is such a sweet little girl and I couldn't resist to take a picture of it. And here is Hunter hanging out in his wheelchair.

First Candybar

I gave Caitlin a small candybar from her Halloween candy after lunch today. She went to town on it and got it everywhere! I love her smile :)

Halloween 2009

Halloween was really fun this year. We started off the night with a Halloween themed dinner with Dwight and Jessica and their two kids. We had potato cheese soup in pumpkin bread bowls. We had swamp juice for our drink and rice crispy treats for dessert. It was really yummy! Then we got the kids all dressed up and went out trick or treating. Hunter didn't last very long so Dwayne stayed home and handed out candy with him. Caitlin however loved it. She never got the hang of saying trick or treat but she did start copying Annebelle and said thank you after getting candy. She would not let me carry her or carry her bucket of candy. It got so heavy she was practically dragging it. The kids all looked so cute and it was a really nice night for it also. The only thing is I wished I would have got a picture of Dwight in his costume. It was hilarious!!

Tutu Cute!!

New hat and gloves

Caitlin is a such a girly girl. Tabitha Sabin made this tutu for her. She loves it and would sleep in it if I would let her. She loves playing dress up already. I can't keep her out of her clothes in her dresser. I just bought her a new pink hat and gloves for winter and she immediately had to put them on.

my little organizer!

Caitlin has picked up a lot from watching me I guess. But I have been watching her lately and she seems to be quite the organizer. When playing with her toys she lines everything up in one big line (blocks, cars, etc). The other day she got into the shoe basket and starting doing it with them also. I thought it was so funny and had to have a picture of it. The only thing is, I don't know how she can be so organized yet at the same time be such a little hoarder also-lol. the second picture is of her with everything and the kitchen sink with her in the rocking chair. She also does this with her doll cradle also. So Funny!!

Tall Kneeling

Hunter is doing so good lately. He is very active and is starting to hit some very important milestones. In addition to getting in and out of sitting by himself, he is pulling up to kneeling on everything and has pushed into standing by himself several times (I will post a picture when I get one). We are excited for the the future and what is to come with his abilities. :)