Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Friends!!

Hunter and Caitlin are the best of friends. They love each other and love to play together. I am so glad to have such good kids!!!

New Swimming Pool

Giving Daddy a big kiss:)

This is Caitlin's first time in a swimming pool. We weren't sure how she would do in the cold water, but once she was used to it she LOVED it!! I will be taking her to our community pool a lot this summer. But it is nice to have a small one in the back yard to play in. I thought she looked really cute in her new swimming suit also.

Cute Hair

So I think I am finally getting the hang of this hair thing. I tried a new hair style on Caitlin and thought that it turned out so cute. It just happened to be a day the she actually sat still for me long enough to do this. And of course I had to add a picture of Hunter in here also. He is just so cute!!

1st Popsicle

This is Caitlin's first popsicle. She wasn't sure how to hold it and kept trying to grab it on the cold part. It was pretty funny to watch. But she finally got the hang of it and really liked it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hunter getting fed

Hunter is getting fed through his feeding tube in these pictures. I figured out that it is easier to just put him in his wheelchair and run the tube under the lap strap so that he can't pull at it. I then cover him up with a towel or blanket just so that he can't find the tube with his hands. It is working out pretty good.

Caitlin's 1st Haircut

Today I took Caitlin to get her first haircut. I take the kids to a place called Cookie Cutters Haircuts for kids. They do an awesome job and make it fun for the kids. They blow bubbles and the kids get to pick a video to watch while they get their haircut. Caitlin didn't even cry at all. The only thing that she didn't like was the cape. Mikelle did her hair cute after she was done cutting it. They give the kids a balloon and a sucker after their haircut. Caitlin loved her sucker. She got to eat it when she got home. Hunter also got his haircut today, but he wasn't having a very good day so I had to hold him and wasn't able to get any pictures of him.

My Pretty Girl

Love this smile!!

Look at those big blue eyes!


New Hairdo

So I tried a different hairdo with Caitlin. She is always pulling her hair out when I pull it up. Now that I am doing it differently she is leaving it alone. The only thing that she keeps pulling out now is the bow. I am so glad that she has enough hair to do cute things with. And of course I had to add a picture of my sweet boy in here. I think he is so photogenic!!

A visit from an AHC friend

We had a visit from the Calkins family that live in St. George a couple of weeks ago. I have gotten to know Wendy and Syndey pretty well over that past 6 months or so. I am so glad to be in contact with another family with a child that has Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. Although Sydney is younger and ahead of Hunter it is fun to see them together. They both just recently had feeding tubes put in and hopefully they will both gain some weight and grow. We were glad to see them and hope to have more visits in the future!

Caitlin's New Couch

We got Caitlin a little couch just for her. She loves it. It is so cute to see her sit and play on it. I thought I would put Hunter on it to see if he liked it. And of course he did. They both played together for awhile on it. I think Hunter liked being a little more upright.